Aside from "Starting Strength - 1st & 2nd Editions", "Practical Programming - 1st &aamp; 2nd Editions", and "FIT", Lon has written extensively on this set of topics. This is a repository of articles that will have older and newer pieces added as they are located and added or written and added.
Kilgore, JL (2022). A Legal Backsquat.

Kilgore, JL (2022). The Bench Press Rules.

Kilgore, JL (2022). Gym Socks.

Kilgore, JL (2022). Wraps & Sleeves.

Kilgore, JL (2022). Shoes Fit for Purpose
      (A revision and update of the 2011 CrossFit Journal article)

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      (Just click on the "download" icon to access the full free article)

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Kilgore, JL (2007). Seven Deadly Sins and the Gym.

Kilgore, JL (2006). Misconceptions about Training Youth. 
      (A chapter from Starting Strength 1st Edition - based on a 1999 white paper Lon wrote for USA Weightlifting that became a 2001 position statement)

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