From late 2018 until mid 2021 Professor Kilgore was commissioned by Greg Glassman to produce illustrations and the accompanying explanatory text to provide all CrossFit trainers and coaches, trainees, and the general public an introduction to anatomy in action ... for free. He was about two thirds through what he wanted to do, but CrossFit sold, project funding ended, and the illustration and text series will now go unfinished. What is published, 93 installments with 4 more sitting at corporate, remains freely available. This philanthropy for the industry's benefit, once again, makes CrossFit an anomaly in the fitness industry, a provider of a massive amount of quality educational and practical content, available to anyone anywhere for absolutely no cost.

To follow the link to the article and illustration set, simply highlight the URL, right click, and follow the popup instruction to go to the page.

Basic Anatomical and Anthropometric Concepts
Special Topic
Movements Illustrated 
(I hate that the coders used this file name; a "spine" is a bony projection and this installation deals with the vertebral column)
Skeleton Assembled and Disassembled
Muscles from Micro to Macro
Fat Illustrated and Explained
The Heart and Heart Injury
Lungs Illustrated and Explained
Gastrointestinal System in Brief (incomplete)