Professor Lon Kilgore graduated from Lincoln University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology then earned a PhD from the Department of Anatomy & Physiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University. He uses his education and exemplary history in training, competing, and coaching to inform his teachings in exercise anatomy, exercise physiology, and fitness instruction methods. Not content to reside only in the ivory tower of academia, he has spent significant time in the trenches working as a coach, scientific consultant, head collegiate strength coach, and fitness business consultant. He has worked to create fitness and better performance in the average trainee up to professional and Olympic athletes. His authorship, illustration, and co-authorship efforts include the best-selling Starting Strength (1st and 2nd editions), Practical Programming for Strength Training (1st and 2nd editions), Anatomy without a Scalpel, FIT, magazine articles, textbook chapters, and numerous research journal publications.

The distinguishing factor, setting Professor Kilgore apart from other science and fitness "experts", is that he is not limited to experiences in one domain of the fitness professions - science based or practice based. He has been a nationally or internationally competitive athlete, a coach of beginning and international caliber athletes, an award winning artist, an independent business man, and a soldier, who also possesses a doctorate thus allowing his works to be informed by science and broad real world experiences. His goal is to change, improve, and make affordable the way that fitness professionals are trained to deliver fitness to the public. 


Professor Kilgore on CrossFit's "Offline"

Upcoming Articles:
Kilgore, JL, JS Baker & B Davies (2014). A consideration of the paradigm of exercise physiology. Research in Sports Medicine, 22(3).   DOI:10.1080/15438627.2014.915837

Kilgore, Lon (2014). Shell Games and Competency: Education vs. Certification. CrossFit Journal.

Kilgore, Lon (2014). Deliver Fitness, Not Diagnosis. CrossFit Journal.

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